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Personally, I prefer the Japanese Power Rangers

I'm not a huge fan of Power Rangers per se, but of it's Japanese equivalent, the Super Sentai series. My personal favorites are Goranger, JAKQ, Battle Fever J, Dynaman, Bioman, Maskman, Liveman, Jetman, Zyuranger, Dairanger, Megaranger, Go-Go Five, Timeranger, and Gaoranger. I haven't seen Dekaranger yet. Usually, the Japanese shows have better acting, more violence, and actual footage of buildings blowing up and pieces coming down on the civilian population.

Favorite metamorphosis device in any Sentai show: the Dino-Buckler from Zyuranger, which is worn on the belt and has a medallion in the center.

Favorite mecha: (tie) the Mega Voyager from Megaranger and the Jet Garuda from Jetman.

Favorite team leader: Akarenjaa from Goranger

Favorite sixth character: Burai, the Dragon Ranger from Zyuranger.

Favorite villains: (tie) the Gorma Empire from Dairanger and Nejireijia from Megaranger.

Favorite team-up: Gaoranger Vs. Super Sentai (the Gaoranger team teams up with represents from five Sentai teams from the past).

Favorite airship: the Dyna Jupiter from Dynaman
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