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it's morphin time

hey all.

every now and then someone finds our community, makes one post about how great the show was (and often how geeky they are er, were... ;) )

while this is fantastic, and i want as many people to join as possible, because hey, that's why it was created..

what it's become is a small "check out what I found and am a member of" kindof elite force; it's like having a badge or certificate, something symbolic like that.

while this is cool and all, i envisioned more of a discussion group.

this community isn't *just* about power rangers; it's the group title because it's a great title and was what inspired me to make this group, but by all means is it not just about the power rangers..

talk amongst yourselves, or talk about what you thought was cool back in the day, or even still..

lets get chatty.
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