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All right kids.

Update: I'm watching the Fairly Odd Parents, right. There's this sewer monster/alligator thing. And when it roars. It roars like the Dragonzord. Hehe! (Ya'knoh, the green ranger's zord. :B)

Sooo I was cruisin' the clearence items at Hot Topic, intending on buying some earrings and a $4.00 "No, I don't want a strategy guide" shirt. I was checking out a "retro" Harry Potter jacketthing when I ran across THAT. My jaw went D: and I gasped. I almost joygasmed, I swear. Normally I wouldn't spend more than $15 at HT.. but ohmygod. How could I NOT?! I've been begging them online to get MMPR stuff for aaaages. Rofl. :B

It's wonderful, isn't it? Siiigh.

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